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Esperto Builders are professional kitchen remodeling contractor in San Jose and we offer the complete range of services – from making relatively minor upgrades to renovating the space from floor to ceiling. In addition to moving walls and repairing plumbing, we offer many kitchen remodeling products for installation, including:

  • Custom kitchen design and remodel
  • Granite countertops
  • Tile mosaic backsplashes
  • Customized faucets and other fittings


In Home Consultation

    Design a Kitchen that is truly ‘You’

    Most remodelers simply focus on the nuts and bolts of doing a home remodel, and don’t get involved in the design process. However, at Esperto Builders, we focus on both the design and the building process. This allows the best insight and opens you up to new ideas when designing your custom cabinets.

    Custom Cabinets – If your desire is to have custom cabinets that are truly custom and unique, and cannot be found anywhere else except in your home, then you will want to find a remodeler that offers custom kitchen cabinets. We have a custom cabinet shop that allows us to create beautiful custom cabinets. From affordable Poplar, Birch, Oak or Ash to higher quality material such as Clear Maple, Mahogany, or Cherry, our kitchen remodeling services team is expert in working with all kinds of woods.

    Kitchen Layouts – Move beyond the ordinary L-Shaped and U-Shaped kitchen. You might have beautiful custom cabinets and stunning fittings, but if you are having the same old boring layouts, your kitchen wouldn’t look unique. We use creative kitchen layouts that are unique and also efficient, so to make movement around the kitchen easy and hassle-free.

    Kitchen Lighting – Your kitchen is a multi-functional, highly visible space needs layers of illumination to make it really shine. We use a variety of schemes including task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting to achieve that. For the most effective and attractive kitchen lighting design, we plan task lighting first to give you light where you really need it, then add accent lighting for visual interest. Finally, we add your general lighting last to fill the space with just the right amount of ambient light. We combine all three layers of light with the right kitchen light fixtures and dimmers, and you get a recipe for kitchen design success.

    Fully Licensed Kitchen Remodelers

    We are a fully licensed and bonded kitchen remodeler so that you have complete peace of mind when you are remodeling your kitchen.

    Why Do you Need a Licensed and Bonded Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

    Before you sign a contract for a kitchen renovation project, be sure that the contractor is licensed and has a surety bond. If the contracting company can’t finish the job for some reason, the surety bond will cover any financial losses you might incur in getting the job finished. Your contract also should agree that all the work will be done according to current building codes and all the permits will be obtained.

    The home remodeling contractor in San Jose is responsible for property damage, injuries on the job site and negligence in workmanship. Any such issues should be covered by the contractor’s general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. We will happily show you all our certificates and ensure that the coverage will be in effect the entire time that work is being done.

    So, contact us today and get a free, no-obligation quote for your kitchen remodeling kitchen. Hire the general contractors in San Jose and give the stunning makeover to your kitchen.

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