Bathroom Remodel in San Jose

Experts in transforming old & outdating bathing spaces into modern, fully functional and glittering new refreshment areas.

We’re a premier bathroom remodeling contractor, redesigning worn-out bathing areas into luxury spaces that portray a contemporary appeal. It is done by changing the existing layout, installing designer bath fittings & accessories like a walk-in shower, free-stand tub, toilet, bidet, vanity, new slip-resistant flooring material & undermount sinks.

How long does it take to redo a bathroom?

On an average, a complete small bathroom remodeling can be done in 23-25 days, under ideal situations and circumstances. If we assume that no work is done on weekends, it usually takes a little more than four weeks to complete a full bath remodel. Or, maybe slightly more than one month. This is when the work proceeds smoothly without any breaks or abrupt stoppages due to shortage of materials or manpower. But, if you want some structural modifications or extensive layout changes to be performed while the remodeling work is on, it would further delay the project. In this case, it could well take over a month to fully complete the renovation. You can always consult with our experts to ensure that there are no cost & time overruns. It can be assumed that the overall time taken to complete is directly proportional to the size of your bathroom and the kind of modifications that you intend to perform in your bathing space.

A walk-in shower or a free-standing bathtub?

If yours is a small bathroom remodel project, our Esperto Builders renovation professionals will always suggest a glass enclosed walk-in shower installation, by replacing your old bathtub. This helps in freeing up space, which can be utilized for something else or simply kept vacant. If you’ve ample space to play around with, then go ahead keeping both. Install a trendy looking walk-in shower with tinted glass enclosure and a free-standing tub. Such new bath improvements help increase the resale value of a property. After one such quality remodeling work, your fully transformed bathroom looks like a designer space, where you would love spending hours. A shower to bathe and a tub to relax, after a hectic day at the office or in the peak summer. We’ve experts that help install such designer bath fittings at your home, as per your exact specifications. You can choose between a fountain head or a cascading waterfall style shower that minimizes loss or water.

San Jose Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

6 Popular Types of Bath Remodel

Master bath renovation Extensive changes in overall design & layout
Cosmetic remodel It involves tearing & replacing a specific portion
Floor plan remodel Changing the entire floor layout design-plan
Laundry bath remodel ‘Two-in-one’ bath utility design-plan & style
Small bath remodel Focussing only on the essential aspects
Farmhouse bath remodel Renovating your bathroom to a rustic look


What adds functionality & resale value to a bathroom?

Without any doubt, increasing the size of your bathroom or making your bathing space look bigger than what it is, adds to the value of your house. In this respect, replacing the big bath-tub with a glass shower enclosure gives the appearance and feeling of extra space. You can also go for installing brighter LED lights or ambient lighting fixtures for making the space look bigger than usual. For example, you can place the bright lamps facing the mirror, as it is another way to make the room feel larger. Since the mirror reflects the light, the whole area looks brighter and bigger. This definitely helps in adding value to a space and goes on to provide a luxurious, comfortable, soothing, relaxing and refreshing feel to all users, especially to your family members and ‘first time’ guests. Improved bath fittings go on to add functionality to an aging bathroom. Such as steel rails, vanity, open shelves, bidets, slip-resistant flooring material, undermount sinks, etc.

FAQs On Bathroom Remodeling

Yes, you do! All kinds of structural improvement, layout design change, plumbing & electrical fixtures installation, does require necessary permits for the local issuing authority or municipality. Any new construction or upgrade without a permit is deemed illegal. Except for clinical changes or additions.

Storage space, vanity design, number of sinks, flooring material, ambient lighting and improved bath fixtures. Most homes are replacing their outdated bath-tubs with a glass enclosed walk-in shower for getting that extra space.

Here, it depends upon your requirement and budget-in-hand. If the condition of your bathroom is beyond any kind of repair, go for a full remodeling, renovation and restoration. Else, only a partial remodel would do.

When your bathroom has become outdated in style and cramped in space after years of continuous service, is it time to consider a full bath renovation, by changing the fixtures, fittings & accessories including the flooring and wall tiles.

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