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The Bathroom is the place where you relax after a hard day at work. We understand that perfectly. That’s why our bathroom remodeling contractor are focused on giving you the ultimate in relaxation. If you are looking a stunning bathroom, then we are the right option for you.


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    Complete Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

    We understand that you want to make your bathroom unique. That’s why we offer a complete range of general contractors in San Jose services so that you don’t have to worry about a thing when you are remodeling your bathroom

    Bathtub – We would help you choose the right bathtub for your bathroom. When it comes to choosing tubs, you should decide what material you’d like for your bathtub. They come in a variety of options. Most tubs are made of acrylic of fiberglass but you can also go for a cast iron tub if you prefer the industrial look. You can also go for a steel tub or for a wooden tub. You also get plenty of options when it comes to the type of bathtubs. Freestanding tubs are very appreciated for their elegance and versatility but each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. We would help you choose the best bathtub based on your requirements

    Bathroom Storage – Not only do we help you with traditional bathroom storage options like shelves and vanities, but we also help you to find creative storage options. Vanities with deep drawers are much more convenient than ones with doors as they don’t need you to bend to search in dark recesses for what you need.  We can also use medicine shelves, ladders, spice racks and other such unconventional yet effective ideas to make your bathroom unique and efficient.

    Shower Solutions – We would also use special techniques to beautify your shower space. We offer durable acrylic shower liners that fit right over your existing shower unit. We can then complete the look with a modern, tempered-glass door. You can also convert your tub into a shower area. When your tub days are over, convert to an extra-large, easy access shower.

    Small Bathroom Remodeling Experts

    Most modern homes and apartments today have small bathrooms. People who have such bathrooms often skip the idea of remodeling their bathrooms, as they feel nothing much could be done with it. However, at Esperto Builders, we feel that you are only limited by your imaginations. We use a range of innovative ideas to utilize space more effectively and make your small bathroom look magnificent

    Install a corner sink– Sometimes even a pedestal sink can disrupt the only available traffic lane in a bathroom. We can get around the problem by placing a corner sink across from the toilet works better than a sink across from the shower.

    Use a shower curtain– We can use shower curtain that moves back and forth as they save space over a glass door that moves in and out.  We can also use Shower-tub combos as they can easily fit into small spaces, with some tubs coming in at 60 inches in length.

    Float the vanity – Besides just visually helping the bathroom appear bigger, mounting a vanity above the floor frees up a little space for small items.

    Skipping the shower door – If your bathroom is about 5 feet wide, it’s just enough space to squeeze in a toilet and a 30 by 60 inch tub. With tight conditions such as these, we would usually go for a glass panel instead of a glass shower door. It will keep most of the water in the shower and will free up needed elbow room.

    We can use more such innovative ideas to renovate your small bathroom. Contact us today and discover how we can help you remodel your bathroom in the right way.

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