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A fully licensed home remodeling company, specializing in custom space improvement, renovation & upgrade.

Certified general remodeler, with years of experience in customized kitchen & bath redesign, ADU garage conversion, home addition and complete remodeling services. It is by using 3D design & rendering, we first create a basic layout design, and thereafter implement the project with a team of qualified structural engineers, architects, planners & interior designers.



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    General Home Remodeling Contractor in San Jose

    Esperto Builders is a top-rated general contractor in San Jose, CA, with years of experience in kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, ADU garage conversion & home addition. We’re a qualified home remodeler with expertise in layout redesign, new utility installation, planning and project execution. As a veteran in general home improvement services, we also help obtain the necessary permits for a new construction or modification from the concerned city authorities.


    Why Opt for Our Home Remodeling Company?

    Simply to avail our professional services and commitment to on-time project delivery, by keeping cost within budget. What’s more, the use of commercial-grade materials, fittings & accessories also makes us the first-choice.

    Design & Build

    Specialists in designing & building from scratch as per exact client specification.

    Permits & Approvals

    Help obtain necessary construction permits from local government authorities.

    Materials & Fixtures

    Apart from build quality, focus on improved fittings, utilities & fixtures installation.

    Esperto Builders

    Our Remodeling Services

    Kitchen Remodeling

    Dreaming of a designer kitchen? We’re an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor, designing & creating a perfect kitchen layout or a food preparation area.

    Bathroom Remodeling

    A professional in bathroom remodeling, with years of experience in redesigning bath layouts, by adding new fixtures and removing unnecessary fittings & fixtures.

    Home Remodeling

    A certified general home remodeling contractor, specializing in making improvements to house interior & exterior, with quality materials, fittings & accessories.


    Want to add extra space to your property? We make it possible through our garage to ADU conversion solutions that help get new dwelling space for a large family.

    Esperto Builders

    Interior Conversion

    It is our vast project expertise in the area of smart interior conversion that helps add new living space by reclaiming unused lying portions within a house. It can be through a storeroom conversion, ground floor conversion, bump-out addition or by converting an extra dining or laundry space. In this way, we can help get a new master bedroom or a living room from within. Contact us now at 408-901-8513.

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      General Contractor in San Jose

      Benefits of Home Remodeling

      FAQs On Home Remodeling

      Of course, Yes! You must have a local government permit from the concerned city authorities and issuing agencies like the Building & Safety Department for performing any kind of structural changes or layout modifications to your house.

      Certainly kitchen cabinets! It can consume 15-20% of your overall kitchen remodeling cost, as they need to be installed in almost every vacant space in a kitchen, for effectively storing the essentials. Hardwood cabinets cost more than plywood.

      When you notice leaking pipes & loose plumbing fixtures, ugly spots & stains on walls, broken floor tiles, lack of free moving space, inadequate storage cabinets and outdated bath accessories that no longer portray your lifestyle, it’s time to think about a complete bath remodel.

      Definitely! It not only helps in solving the problem of dwelling space shortage within an existing property by converting an unused lying garage, but it also increases the resale value of your property. With a new ADU, you can expect a 51-54% appreciation in the overall value of your house.